On the road again


Last weekend Anne came to visit me in Nebraska. We spent two relaxing days together on a campground near Scottsbluff, on Lake Minatara. We fixed some minor things on the bikes, did some laundry, and mostly nothing but enjoy the sun and each other’s company.

But today it was time to get back in the saddle. I really had to get used to being alone again. Not because I’m lonely or I’m not having a good time. I enjoy riding every day, I meet so many warm-hearted people on this trip, like this couple from Iowa, and every day I see the most amazing things (a turtle, on the road, in the middle of the Nebraska desert..?)

The hard part was to leave my comfort zone again, letting go of the safe and familiar and dive into the great unknown. Leaving the certainties in life and be open to new experiences. And these may not always be what I would expect, but thankfully they always turn out to be worthwhile.